Finishing Your Hoop

There a many options for what to do with your finished embroidery:
    Add to a quilt project
    Turn into a patch
    Hem the edges to make a banner
    Glue into a hoop to hang

The last one is the one we’ll focus on here. It’s pretty popular right now to hang embroidery in a hoop.


Start by stretching your finished embroidery into the hoop you wish to use (feel free to embellish the hoop with paint or stain beforehand). Make sure it’s lined up exactly how your want it to be because you won’t be able to move it again.


Trim the edge of fabric into a circle so it’s approximately ½” sticking out of hoop. 

Cut small notches in the fabric all the way around.


Take some glue and paint it along the embroidery hoop edge. Be conservative with the amount of glue used so it doesn’t spill onto the fabric part that has the embroidery.

Press the fabric down inside the hoop. Holding it in place with binder clips as you go. Add more glue to any part that doesn’t want to stay.

Let set according to the glue instructions and then remove the binder clips.

Hang up for all to admire!